It’s that time of year – get your calendars printed

It’s that time of year – get your calendars printed

calendars printed

Calendars printed at Mailmasters – we can also do greeting cards

Calendars are inexpensive gifts for customers, clients and staff.

They are also a great way to get your company name or brand on someone’s wall for 12 months of the year.

Handy, practical, personal, adaptable… calendars are the perfect business giveaway.

You might be surprised at how easy it is to get your calendars printed.

At Mailmasters, we can help you print the calendar you want. Whether it’s a one-sided poster with all 12 months showing, or a fold-over style with one month showing at a time, we can get it done for you.

We can also help you with the design.

So, if you like, all you need is to tell us what type of calendar you want, and we can put it together.

Or you can supply us with the artwork and we can work with that.

We can also print greeting cards and Christmas cards. Again, we can look after the copy and design, or you can supply it just the way you want it. Cards, like calendars, can be branded with your company name.

Give us a call or email us anytime to discuss how Mailmasters can print the calendar and cards you want.

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Printing, mail and fulfilment… Who ya gonna call?

Remember the movie, Ghostbusters? The original, not the remake.

Remember the song? Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Both unforgettable.

It’s a line that we’d like to borrow. Why? Because at Mailmasters, we have so many printing, mail and fulfilment niche services that we want you to think of us when you need one of them. So…

When you need personalised letters printed… Who ya gonna call?

When you need specialist direct marketing advice… Who ya gonna call?

When you need conference bags and VIP giveaways assembled by hand… Who ya gonna call?

When you need advice on overseas mailing… Who ya gonna call?

When you need a document translated into Japanese, German or French… Who ya gonna call?

When you need experienced competition management… Who ya gonna call?

When you need labels printed for your wine bottles… Who ya gonna call?

When you have any of those printing, mail and fulfilment needs… Who ya gonna call?

…Mailmasters on 02 9956 8362.

We’ve got the workforce, technology and resources ready and willing to go. And we have many satisfied clients who come to us time and again because they trust us to get the job done with expert care.

So give us a call any time.

Who ya gonna call?

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How you can have striking labels and stickers printed in no time

labels and stickers printed

At Mailmasters, you can have great labels and stickers printed… in fact, it’s one of our specialised services.

We have a range of about 20 ‘seal bases’, which are pre-cut shapes and sizes that can be used as labels or stickers.

They are printed in one colour, and churned out at a rate of 4,000 or more an hour, so your job can be done urgently if necessary.

There are re-useable stickers (removable or ‘piggyback’ stickers) that can be peeled off one spot and stuck on another. These are great for interactive direct mail pieces or wherever you want a sticker that needs to be moved from one spot to another.

Mailmasters label and sticker printer

Mailmasters has about 20 different sizes and shapes in stickers and labels to choose from

There are also stickers that are not removable for permanent applications, such as jam jar labels.

Label and stickers can be printed in foil with a metallic colour, including gold or silver, adding that special touch to anything from wine bottles to mail pieces.

The foil colours on the white background give your job a metallic appearance. Or you can be creative with the design and reverse the white out of the foil. Other colours, besides metallic, are also available.

Mailmasters can design your sticker or label for you, or you can supply your own design to us. Simply check with us beforehand on the specifications to ensure your job runs as smoothly as possible.

Here are some applications of our labels and stickers:

  • One of our biggest clients, a direct mail company, uses our removable stickers. The stickers adhere to a paper letter from which the recipient can peel them off and place in another spot to claim an incentive. It’s a form of interactive direct marketing that has been used effectively for decades. They look great on an envelope, and attract a lot of attention, and are sure to lift your response rate.
  • One of our regular clients uses seals with metallic printing to hold down the back flap of envelopes posted to their customers, giving the mailing a prestige appearance.
  • Boutique winemakers can give their bottles a unique character with striking foil labels. The labels adhere permanently to glass bottles.
  • Couples can give their wedding invitations an added personal touch. For example, their names and the wedding date can be printed on the seals that hold down the invitation flap, and can be opened without damaging the paper stock.
  • School teachers can give stickers to their students. This inexpensive reward always proves popular.

There are limitless applications for our labels and stickers.

Contact us for a free quote: email via our Contact Us page or give us a call now on 02 9956 8362.

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How to save your company money on time-consuming jobs

And keep your brand looking good

Putting a value on your time is often difficult. But let’s face it; if you’re running the company, your time is precious.

So why would you spend your precious time doing fiddly jobs when someone else can do it? Not only is it more cost effective, but there’s every chance that the job will look more professional.

Even delegating the work to other staff can have hidden consequences. It can also create some background anxiety among staff. To you the job is important, but your staff might see it differently, especially if they are taken away from their usual day-to-day tasks.

The answer – out-source.

But importantly, the job should go to someone reliable. You need someone who will not just do the job, but take pride in it. Someone who will protect your brand and deliver a product that will make you look professional.

That’s where Mailmasters can help.

Jobs by hand

Our hand-assembly is fast and efficient

We have a small army ready to take good care of those fiddly jobs you don’t need to do yourself. We have the experience and we have the team ready to go.

Assembly jobs, such as:
–          Delegate packs
–          Show bags
–          Reward packs
–          Compendiums
–          Travel wallets

Application jobs, such as:
–          Stickers
–          Labels
–          Header card insertion

Manual jobs, such as:
–          Folding
–          Sealing mail

At Mailmasters, we do this work all the time. We have a range of clients who know we are reliable, accurate and punctual.

We guarantee confidentiality, so even the most sensitive work is safe with us. We have done work for political organisations who know they can trust us wholeheartedly.

Contact us for a free quote: email via our Contact Us page or give us a call now on 02 9956 8362.

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Direct Mail Tips

It’s true, direct mail was out of favour for a while, suddenly the poor cousin of e-marketing. But things have a habit of turning full circle. Now, with consumers being flooded with emails, phone messages and social media hijacking, direct mail has a high cut-through value again. It’s even more so with people keeping a close eye on their letterbox because they are often waiting for an online purchase to arrive (which is sort of ironic). But as ever, it’s important to make your direct mail piece stand out and get the customer excited. Here are some expert tips on ensuring your direct mail piece is opened.

Include an object people can feel

If there is something in your envelope that people can feel, they can’t help themselves – they have to open the letter. And you’ll find a very high percentage will. So a small light-weight gift with your piece will work wonders – but remember to ensure it has a connection to the purpose of your mail piece. A sample of your product is an obvious example, while other ideas include a To Do note pad and a pen.

Make the object useful

Further to the above point about including an object, if you include something that the customer is likely to use for a while, it will leave your message in their eyesight for days, weeks, perhaps months. That’s good value marketing.

Use something other than a standard envelope

It can be expensive, but it can send response rates through the roof. Direct mail pieces that are visually creative work. These are usually ideal for very targeted promotions, say to a specific profession. It’s about quality not quantity.

Add a cryptic message that’s irresistible

It’s the paper equivalent of click bait. Make your message on the envelope so intriguing that the customer has to open it to find out more.

Carefully choose your mail date and make it urgent

If people have too long a deadline to act on your offer, they are more than likely to become less excited about it. Or they will put it away and forget about it. The power of urgency remains an effective tool in 21st century marketing. And put an urgency message on your envelope.


Many marketers know that Direct Mail has significant cut-through


If you have any questions or need some help, or if you need a direct mail piece with cut-through, talk to the team at Mailmasters.

Learn more about how Mailmasters can help your business. 

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Make your Show Bag time more productive

It’s nearly Show time! Which means it’s Show Bag time! Assembling Show Bags is time consuming, and let’s face it, not a job most people relish. Your staff are taken away from their normal duties meaning they are less productive and probably less efficient. They could also quietly resent having to do such a menial task. You can do it yourself, but you no doubt have more important matters to attend to. You can hire casual staff from one of those quick fill employment companies, which is fine if you’re happy to have people handling your product who you’ve never met with no genuine obligation to you or your company whatsoever who probably have one eye on the clock and the other on their phone. Or you can play it smart and go to Mailmasters, a respected company with over 20 years’ experience, a company you can trust who takes the job seriously and who will guarantee you a professional service.


Jobs by hand

“Our team are experts at hand assembly, including putting together show bags and event packs,” says Clifford Baptista, Managing Director, Mailmasters. “We do it quickly and efficiently, and go out of our way to ensure you are happy. Read more ›

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Mind your language with our multilingual proofreading

So, you have a document back from your translation service in a foreign language.

Are there spelling errors? Grammatical errors? Poor phrase choices? How can you be sure it’s a 100% accurate translation if you aren’t fluent in that language? How do you know if it has been localised?

multilingual proofreading

Mailmasters’ multilingual proofreading

It’s always worth having another set of trained eyes looking over an important document for you. By the way, there was an important word in that previous sentence – ‘trained’ eyes.

Expert translation of a document is a specialised skill. Simply because someone can speak another language doesn’t automatically make them a good translator. It’s simply not the same. You might as well drop the words into a Google-found online translator. Languages have their own expressions and sayings that often don’t have a direct English equivalent, and vice versa. Where a bi-lingual person might simply exchange words like-for-like, a professional translator can capture the intended meaning of the original author. This is an example of the advanced checking a multilingual proofreader can do.
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Waterproof printing – what a great idea

When you think about it, there are many practical applications for Waterproof Printing.

So, what exactly is Waterproof Printing, and in which situations it can be put to its best use?

Waterproof Printing is printing on a paper so tough and durable that it won’t damage when exposed to water and other liquids.

The paper is easy to clean. Liquids, dirt and grease simply wipe off, it won’t easily tear and the ink won’t smudge.

Mailmasters waterproof printing

Mailmasters’ waterproof printing

Applications for Waterproof Printing

This incredible durability makes it ideal for applications such as:

    Restaurant and café menus
    Mechanic workshops
    Industrial work sites
    Swimming pools and other wet areas
    Hiking, bushwalking and orienteering
    Shop signage

Mailmasters’ Managing Director, Clifford Baptista, says, “People even use Waterproof Printing to create unique business cards. It’s also good for bookmarks because it’s so durable.”
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How to effectively post overseas direct mail

With a little strategic planning, it’s not difficult for Australian companies to be cost effective with their international postage of direct mail.

I’m going to talk specifically here about letters rather than parcels.


How to effectively post overseas direct mail

1. What qualifies as a ‘letter?’
Read more ›

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