How to save your company money on time-consuming jobs

And keep your brand looking good

Putting a value on your time is often difficult. But let’s face it; if you’re running the company, your time is precious.

So why would you spend your precious time doing fiddly jobs when someone else can do it? Not only is it more cost effective, but there’s every chance that the job will look more professional.

Even delegating the work to other staff can have hidden consequences. It can also create some background anxiety among staff. To you the job is important, but your staff might see it differently, especially if they are taken away from their usual day-to-day tasks.

The answer – out-source.

But importantly, the job should go to someone reliable. You need someone who will not just do the job, but take pride in it. Someone who will protect your brand and deliver a product that will make you look professional.

That’s where Mailmasters can help.

Jobs by hand

Our hand-assembly is fast and efficient

We have a small army ready to take good care of those fiddly jobs you don’t need to do yourself. We have the experience and we have the team ready to go.

Assembly jobs, such as:
–          Delegate packs
–          Show bags
–          Reward packs
–          Compendiums
–          Travel wallets

Application jobs, such as:
–          Stickers
–          Labels
–          Header card insertion

Manual jobs, such as:
–          Folding
–          Sealing mail

At Mailmasters, we do this work all the time. We have a range of clients who know we are reliable, accurate and punctual.

We guarantee confidentiality, so even the most sensitive work is safe with us. We have done work for political organisations who know they can trust us wholeheartedly.

Contact us for a free quote: email via our Contact Us page or give us a call now on 02 9956 8362.

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