How you can have striking labels and stickers printed in no time

At Mailmasters, you can have great labels and stickers printed… in fact, it’s one of our specialised services.

We have a range of about 20 ‘seal bases’, which are pre-cut shapes and sizes that can be used as labels or stickers.

They are printed in one colour, and churned out at a rate of 4,000 or more an hour, so your job can be done urgently if necessary.

There are re-useable stickers (removable or ‘piggyback’ stickers) that can be peeled off one spot and stuck on another. These are great for interactive direct mail pieces or wherever you want a sticker that needs to be moved from one spot to another.

Mailmasters label and sticker printer

Mailmasters has about 20 different sizes and shapes in stickers and labels to choose from

There are also stickers that are not removable for permanent applications, such as jam jar labels.

Label and stickers can be printed in foil with a metallic colour, including gold or silver, adding that special touch to anything from wine bottles to mail pieces.

The foil colours on the white background give your job a metallic appearance. Or you can be creative with the design and reverse the white out of the foil. Other colours, besides metallic, are also available.

Mailmasters can design your sticker or label for you, or you can supply your own design to us. Simply check with us beforehand on the specifications to ensure your job runs as smoothly as possible.

Here are some applications of our labels and stickers:

  • One of our biggest clients, a direct mail company, uses our removable stickers. The stickers adhere to a paper letter from which the recipient can peel them off and place in another spot to claim an incentive. It’s a form of interactive direct marketing that has been used effectively for decades. They look great on an envelope, and attract a lot of attention, and are sure to lift your response rate.
  • One of our regular clients uses seals with metallic printing to hold down the back flap of envelopes posted to their customers, giving the mailing a prestige appearance.
  • Boutique winemakers can give their bottles a unique character with striking foil labels. The labels adhere permanently to glass bottles.
  • Couples can give their wedding invitations an added personal touch. For example, their names and the wedding date can be printed on the seals that hold down the invitation flap, and can be opened without damaging the paper stock.
  • School teachers can give stickers to their students. This inexpensive reward always proves popular.

There are limitless applications for our labels and stickers.

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