Letter Shopping

Letter Shopping

Mailmasters Lettershopping

Folding, Inserting & Sealing Mail

We’ll do everything for you.
Our high speed paper folding and mail inserting machines offer a full range of automated lettershopping services.

Some jobs can’t be done by machine and are just too small and fiddly to do yourself, especially if it means taking your valuable time away from more productive business issues. Hand the job over to us. We have the manpower to get the job done.

Label and Sticker application

Supply your own, or we’ll source them for you
Mailmasters can label or sticker standard mailing items such as letters, magazines, brochures and flyers with maximum effectiveness and cost efficiency. We also ensure that your mailings are processed and dispatched in the shortest possible time frames. Want to add a sticker to a mailing but print cost is prohibitive? Ask us about our small print run sticker solution.

Work By Hand

No job is too big or small

Mailmasters provides expertise in work that can only be done by hand, including assembly and collation of items such as show bags, compendiums and folders. We’re happy to take on the job, whether you want us to print a component or whether the finished items are delivered to us, ready to be assembled. We’ll get the job done quickly and accurately.

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